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Top articles

  • FCM 2C.....the project

    12 avril 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Hello everybody and welcome on my blog. Here the first model I put on line..... this is the FCM 2C, the bigger french tank that ever been produced. (Photo from Minitracks) I chose to build the 2 tone camo version (as they were painted during the french...

  • Gun Jeep : assembly done.

    13 avril 2009 ( #Gunjeep (Vietnam war) )

    I project to realize a diorama with at least a gunjeep and a V100 on a base along the highway 19. I intend to build 2 V100 from hobb boss. The first one would be build straight out of the box and the second would wait for any photoetched kits (there is...

  • How to prepare resin part...

    20 avril 2009 ( #How to......... )

    Good evening guys, Here's some pictures to describe how to prepare the resin parts. I guess most of modellers would find it's quite basic (maybe boring) but I want to start my explanations with the beginning...... Remove the excess of resin with a small...

  • Kit review

    26 avril 2009 ( #Kits reviews )

    Good evening, I would like to review few news. As I was in Paris (for the NOFX gig........one of the best show they ever perform so far) it was also a good shopping opportunity at the modelling shops. The first, and in my opinion the more important, are...

  • FCM 2C : The Azimut kit

    29 avril 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Hello, The FCM 2C kit is about 10 years old. It was produced 300 copies with modifications during the production (lower hull simplified to make the assembling of the road wheels easier and upper part holding the exhaust pipes corrected by adding the crew...

  • FCM 2C : Do the side skirts up.....

    29 avril 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Good evening Well the first trouble with this model has just begun. I thought that the scale plan given by Azimut on the instruction sheet was correct. But not….. First i drew the pieces using a “ paper traces” and carried them over a white printer paper....

  • FCM 2C : assembly almost completed

    03 mai 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Hello there, It took me 10 days to finish the assembly of this giant beast. It is not really completed and I would need two evening session to track the terrestrial crusader. Chance is on my team......the latest issue (N° 13) of the french historical...

  • FCM 2C : first painting steps

    13 mai 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Hello everyone, The painting work starts with a very dark layer to shade the model and allow the detection and correction of imperfections . Then i prepare the yellow base coat with a mix of tamiya colors. I add same amount of clear to give a satin finish...

  • How to paint a clean edge camo using “silly putty”....

    18 mai 2009 ( #How to......... )

    There are several techniques to reproduce a straight edge (I usually use “straight edge” but I think “clean edge” would be more appropriate?) camouflage scheme. You can use pre shaped tape as mask or maskol. The tape masking technique allows the best...

  • FCM2C : performing the « clean edge » two tones camouflage scheme

    18 mai 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Hello, I devoted the end of last week to painting the camo. After masking the yellow areas (see the technique article HERE for further details) I prepared 3 shades of grey green (in the same way of the yellow mix) The french green is pretty far from the...

  • FCM 2C : Paint fading

    21 mai 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Hello everyone, Today the paint fading is discussed. According to many modellers, this step is the start of weathering. It gives more contrast and used look to the model. Before fading, I applied two filters on the model. Colors are chosen compared with...

  • FCM 2C : Painting the scratches

    24 mai 2009 ( #FCM 2C )

    Hello, Paint chipping is now completed. I show this work only on the turret due to the kit 's size. The superficial scratches are painted with a lighter color than the camouflage spots base color. Deeper scratches are painted with black, dark brown and...

  • Mighty mite M422 : the earlier nam jeep

    15 juillet 2009 ( #Mighty Mite Jeep )

    Hello everybody, Let's talk about the first jeep in use by the USMC in Vietnam. (src : internet) This jeep was designed to be "aerotransportable" by the sikorsky H34. As the UH1 series (with a largest weight capacity of transport) entered in service,...

  • IRANIAN M38A1.......

    16 juillet 2009 ( #Iranian M38A1 )

    Hi, Another jeep, that I began last year. Originally, the inspiration was given by the Warrior iranian crew. I found some pictures of this jeep in service in israelian and brazilian army. I also had a new information about this vehicle : this is the M38A1...

  • M422 : first painting stage

    24 juillet 2009 ( #Mighty Mite Jeep )

    Hello everyone, The painting stage begin with a layer of grey primer. For the first time, I used Klir as tamiya thinner. It gives the paint a very smooth and satin finish. I applied a very dark green as the marines corps green base color and airsprayed...

  • M38 : hairspray technique first attempt....

    26 juillet 2009 ( #Iranian M38A1 )

    Hello, Today, the hairspray technique wil be discussed. It's been a long time I wanted to try this technique. The Iranian M38 appears a good opportunity due to its "used look". After airbrushing a grey primer, I applied the original us army green paint...

  • Mighty Mite : model is staged and completed

    20 août 2009 ( #Mighty Mite Jeep )

    Hello everyone, It has been a while since my last update. I am being through a tough period in life so.....No more details about that... sorry Well I finish the mighty mite. the staging is pretty basic but allowed me to realize the last Bravo6 figures....

  • M38 - KM410 is completed

    23 août 2009 ( #Iranian M38A1 )

    Good evening, The Iranian KM410 (korean made M38 copy) is finished. I add the Warrior figures and finsh the small vignette. The action takes place during the Iran-Irak war, as the iranian army leaded a counter-offensive in the Khuzestan province for the...

  • Laffly W15 TCC : the french tank hunter

    08 octobre 2009 ( #Laffly TCC15 )

    Hello everyone, Here is the last model I am working on. This is the Laffly TCC15, quickly developped in early 1940 to provide a fast vehicle able to engage the enemy tanks. Source : GBM N°85, mise en couleurs Laurent Lecocq sur notice de F. Vauvillier,...

  • Laffly W15 TCC : decals and scratches...

    28 octobre 2009 ( #Laffly TCC15 )

    Good evening guys, A little update before taking the plane to the Almeria model show. The decals are from the Blast Model decal sheet (dedicated to the french WWII vehicles). They were set helping by the microscale products. Then I painted the light and...

  • Hotchkiss H39 du 14ième Bataillon de Char de Combat

    16 novembre 2009 ( #H39 14ième BCC )

    Good evening everyone, This is my new "french campaign" subject. It's been a long time that I wanted to build a H39 but I was looking for an interesting camouflage schema. I found a great color profil in the magazine GBM (issue N° 78). The model is the...

  • H39 : Weathering

    26 novembre 2009 ( #H39 14ième BCC )

    Hello everyone, This update is about the weathering of the H39. First, I set the decals with microscale product between two layers of Klir. Then I put small oil nuts on the model and blend with a plate brush dampened in enamel thinner. Deep scratches...

  • LVTP 5 in vietnam

    13 décembre 2009 ( #LVTP5 in Vietnam )

    Hello everyone, I chose to update the blog with some "in progress" projects that will be finished in 2010. The first one is the classical USMC Amtrack in service during the Vietnam War. I manage to stage it on a theatrical scene. The model is from AFV...

  • M163 Vulcan : a last minute project

    05 janvier 2010 ( #M163 Vulcan in Vietnam )

    Hello everyone, Firstly I would like to wish you all an happy new year . I called this project a last minute project, because I did intend to build a vulcan since a long time. I wanted to use the academy kit with the Eduard photoetched set. Although,...

  • Sherman M4A1 Duplex Drive

    13 janvier 2010 ( #Sherman M4A1 Duplex Drive )

    Hello everyone, Today, I will update the blog with a « one shot » model, a single article from the assembly to the completed model. This is the M4A1 Duplex Drive kit from Resicast. The assembly instruction isn’t clear but helped by the included Cd Rom...

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