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Here's the work of my friends.
(Click on the picture to enlarge or access the galleries)
Franck Bazin  (France)
    Kursk, 1943, some German units are equipped with tanks recovered from earlier campaigns and engaged in combat after a  more or less advanced "Germanization".
    The diorama depicts the encounter between two former "friends" : a T-60 moved back  to avoid engagement with a T34 and  hopelessly was stucked  in a swamp. The crew of the T-34 get out frantically trying to capture the survivors.
    This diorama was also an opportunity to test, for the first time, the clear resin from gedeo as  water representation.
    The T60 is an older model Zvesda, the ugliest that I ever built so far : leak of details, inexact wheels, ugly tracks ....  a purchase to avoid ! Zvesda made progress since this one.......
    The T34/76 "Beute" is made of several  of T34 wrecks from "Tamiya" I had in stock (do not throw!). It was fitted with tracks from Dragon.
    The "Germanization" of the T34 is based on several photos of different T-34, I only focused on main modifications like storage lockers, installation of a"Notek”, a two-tone camouflage supporting the large "Balkenkreuzes" with white border.
The German team is scratch built with heads Hornet, the Russian tanker is a slight      transformation from a figurine "Tristar".

Pierric "SWAT" Boudehen (France)

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On The workbench & coming soon...

AM30 EBD - Kowait 1991
 (Best Value Model & Eduard PE & Friul Tracks) 


Vab TC20 (02)
VAB TC20 - Sarajevo 1995
(Heller & Blast Model) 

Last Work Completed
MCL-B1bis 06B1bis & Coder 30t - France 1940
 (Tamiya & Des Kit) 

D1finishedlRenault D1 - France 1940
(Blitz Kit) 

H35-14Hotchkiss H35- France 1937
(Bronco &  Brach Model & Friull) 

SAS Pink Panther - Dhofar 1974
(Tamiya & Eduard)