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29 avril 2010 4 29 /04 /avril /2010 11:07


Salut à tous,

Voici le projet sur lequel je travaille actuellement. Il s’agit d’un porte char Bernard transportant un H35 modernisé équipé d’une radio. Ce projet fera l’objet d’un article complet dans le numéro spécial 70ième anniversaire de la campagne de France de Steelmasters.


Here is what is currently on my workbench. This is a Bernard tank transporter carrying a H35 modernized and equipped with a radio. This project will be published in the Special 70th anniversary of the France campaign of Steelmasters.


Trackstory H3935H35 Modernisé  Color profil by Eric Schwarz, courtesy of the author.













Le Bernard est le kit Alby, monté directement sorti de boîte. Comme c’est un modèle en résine assez ancien, bon nombre de pièces ont due être redressées à l’eau chaude voir au sèche cheveux.

The H35 est composé du H39 Bronco sur lequel j’ai monté la conversion Brach Model pour le H35. La plage moteur ne s’ajuste pas parfaitement, des essais à blanc ainsi que du magic sculpt ont été nécessaire. Le kit est complété par l’ajout de photodécoupe Eduard et de chenilles ModelKasten.

Je tiens à remercier mes amis Pierric Boudehen et Olivier Pouilly pour leur aide précieuse.

J’ai utilisé comme référence le livre édité par Les Editions du Barbotin ainis que le site ineternet www.chars-francais.net.

The Bernard is the Alby Kit (built straight from the box). As it was an old resin kit, must of parts need to be straightened with hot water and I even use a hair dryer.

The H35 modernized is the bronco H39 kit with the H35 Brach Model conversion. The rear engine deck does not fit perfectly,  needs blank adjustements and lot of magic sculpt. Eduard PE and ModelKasent tracks were added.

I would like to thanks my friends Pierric Boudehen and Olivier Pouilly for their precious  help.

I used the excellent book edited by Les Editions du Barbotin as reference and the website www.chars-francais.net.



H35 Mod -08



J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir utiliser les nouvelles peintures d’accroche Vallejo. Ce “Primer” existe en gris, blanc et noir et permet d'obtenir une surface lisse et facilitant l'accroche de la peinture. Sur le Bernard, la teinte noir est applquée sur le chassis tandis que la cabine et le plateau  reçoit le primer gris.

For the first time, I use the new  Vallejo acrylic-urethane primer. This product is available in grey, white and black color. It gives an extra smooth finish. On the Bernard, lower parts (like chassis) receive the black primer and the upper part (the cab) were painted with grey primer) You can airbrush it directly from the bottle.


H35 Mod -07-copie-1Une fois le camouflage réalisé, j' ajoute des contrastes en vaporisant des couleurs plus claires et plus foncées.

  Once the camouflage is painted, i add contrast by airbrushing lighter and darker colors.

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21 avril 2010 3 21 /04 /avril /2010 17:33


New MMI issue is out now.

The Iranian jeep is my first contribution.






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12 avril 2010 1 12 /04 /avril /2010 17:29

Hello everyone,DSC 0002

Back from Spain where I was at the AMT show in Torrent. It is alw ays  a pleasure to be in Spain and spend some time with the friends. Sunny weather and great models as you will see in the gallerie.

Have a nive evening.









My friend Joaquin Garcia Gazquez and I, enjoying the spanish sun....



Click on the AMT poster to enter the photo gallerie






 This model has been stolen




Stolen model at AMT/Torrent Contest (Valencia. Spain).
If you see this 1/35 model kit at any european contest or showroom, please contact with the Association of Modellling Torrent at modelsdesign88@yahoo.es or info@panzernet.com
owner: Jorge Jaldón Rueda.

Maqueta robada en el Concurso AMT/Torrent. (Valencia.España)
Si veis en algún concurso o exposición dicho modelo, contactad con la Asociación de Modelismo Torrent en modelsdesign88@yahoo.es o bien info@panzernet.com
propietario del modelo: Jorge Jaldón Rueda

Modèle reduit volé à Concours AMT / Torrent. (Valencia.España)
Si vous voyez dans un concours ou une exposition le modèle, contactez l'Association des Modèlistes Torrent dans modelsdesign88@yahoo.es ou info@panzernet.com
titulaire du modèle: Jorge Jaldón Rueda

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7 avril 2010 3 07 /04 /avril /2010 17:04

The new théma of Steelmasters is dedicated to the Panzer IV, with well known contributors ( Luciano, Gary, Rick, Frederik and more...)


numero image 2443 1270543533

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6 avril 2010 2 06 /04 /avril /2010 15:39

Here s the photo report of this great french modelling show.....





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6 avril 2010 2 06 /04 /avril /2010 14:13

Hello there,

Here are few pictures of my latest release. This is the USMC LVTP5 trying to get away from a VC ambush. Figures are two modified HobbyFan and a Bravo6, the great and rock n roll decals are from MecModels (a great brand which I will often talk about in the future...)

Since I intend to include this diorama within an ambitious project,  I only show few pictures....

Hope you will like it.

Take care.


LVTP5 Teaser

LVTP5 06

LVTP5 08




  Fig-01        Fig-02            Fig-03









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Published by El Diablo Model - dans LVTP5 in Vietnam
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25 mars 2010 4 25 /03 /mars /2010 18:57
Hello everyone,
As many modellers I found an interest with these sci-fi subjects.
I decided to build and paint a soviet KV47 flame thrower in service in the NVA.
The DustGame kit is amazing and it won't ask you more than 3 hours to assemble the resin parts. The kit is finely studied (arms and legs can be postionned as you want).
The nicknamed "My Lai"  sounds like revenge!!
All of techniques will be use on this one, painted like plane, weathered like a tank and displaying during the second battle of Saïgon.
So a  total delirium but it's gonna be fun.
Take care

my Lai propaganda copyType48-01Type48-02



head p02
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17 mars 2010 3 17 /03 /mars /2010 18:54

The new Steelmasters is out now :


  • - Whippet MK.A 1/48
  • - Stossstrupp 1/30
  • - Welbike 1/35
  • - BT-42 1/35
  • - SU-152 1/35
  • - KV-152I 1/35
  • - PZIII Ausf J 1/72
  • - AB40 1/35
  • - Sdkfz 222 1/35
  • - Nuremberg 2010

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15 février 2010 1 15 /02 /février /2010 23:26
Here's the pictures of the Ransart modelling show.

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13 janvier 2010 3 13 /01 /janvier /2010 19:10
Hello everyone,
Today, I will update the blog with a « one shot » model, a single article from the assembly to the completed model.

M4A1DD Promo

This is the M4A1 Duplex Drive kit from Resicast. The assembly instruction isn’t clear but helped by the included Cd Rom (with  step by step assembly pictures) you can do it.
For sure this is not as easy and  fast as a Tamiya kit but the result deserves some patience and sacrifice !!!
As the resicast kit comes with no decals, I used the Bison decals.
I also changed tracks for modelkasten, they looks really good but  long to mount (8 parts per link!) and fragile.
Nothing more to say, I guess the pictures speak a thousand words.

M4A1 DD-01   M4A1 DD-02

M4A1 DD-03   M4A1 DD-04

M4A1 DD-05

  M4A1 DD-06   M4A1 DD-07

M4A1 DD-08   M4A1 DD-09

M4A1 DD-10   M4A1 DD-11

M4A1 DD-12   M4A1 DD-13

M4A1 DD-14   M4A1 DD-15

M4A1 DD-16  M4A1 DD-17

M4A1 DD-18
M4A1 DD-19
M4A1 DD-20
M4A1 DD-21M4A1 DD-21bis

M4A1 DD-22
M4A1 DD-23
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Published by El Diablo Model - dans Sherman M4A1 Duplex Drive
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On The workbench & coming soon...

AM30 EBD - Kowait 1991
 (Best Value Model & Eduard PE & Friul Tracks) 


Vab TC20 (02)
VAB TC20 - Sarajevo 1995
(Heller & Blast Model) 

Last Work Completed
MCL-B1bis 06B1bis & Coder 30t - France 1940
 (Tamiya & Des Kit) 

D1finishedlRenault D1 - France 1940
(Blitz Kit) 

H35-14Hotchkiss H35- France 1937
(Bronco &  Brach Model & Friull) 

SAS Pink Panther - Dhofar 1974
(Tamiya & Eduard)