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26 avril 2009 7 26 /04 /avril /2009 00:38
Good evening,

I would like to review few news. As I was in Paris (for the NOFX gig........one of the best show they ever perform so far) it was also a good shopping opportunity at the modelling shops.

The first, and in my opinion the more important, are the two new figures  about vietnam by Bravo 6. As usual, they are inspired by the  movie "Platoon". In this case they are "Rhâ" and "Bunny"
Quality is still excellent and faces are so resembling........can't wait to paint them!!!!

The second stuff i bought is the new V100 wheels for the Hobby Boss kit. Although the kit wheels ain't wrong, these resin parts would be easier to prepare and have the tires flattened .

And I have some announcements from the Paris shops :
- Many conversions for the french VAB currently use in Afghanistan (included the top weapon system, stowage, rear add armor,.....) and a set of FAMAS rifles really upgraded has been released by Blast Model. I will talk about it soon.
- Besides its XM706E2 conversion (V100 used by air force as bass protection in Vietnam), Azimut intend to release a V100 interior...it would maybe available at Saumur.

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Published by Emilien Pépin - dans Kits reviews
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